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 Mark-IT releases "triple-s to Quantum" converter

May 22, 2001 - Mark-IT has recently released a beta-test version of a "triple-s to Quantum" converter - SSSQT. This enables users wishing to transfer data from non-Quantum environments to Quantum for mainstream tabulations or Quanvert.

As part of the triple-s philosophy it has been written using Open Standards it will therefore run on UNIX, LINUX, VMS and DOS/Windows. It is being made available at no charge.

The program reads standard XML definitions of the data to produce a self-contained Quantum run file with axes, an edit section and tab statements.

In addition to the basic version an enhanced converter may be purchased that has been optimised for Quanvert and for carrying out rudimentary data-validation.

Mark Katz, Md of Mark-IT sees this as a key strategic step in his company's future plans.

"Apart from closing a loop that provides full transparency and portability of survey data between agencies, clients and MR software suppliers - it is a building block for our next project. - x-tables.

x-tables brings the undoubted simplicity and speed of the MR cross-tabulators to a much wider audience outside the MR industry. It is targeted at people running large/complex SQL, ORACLE and Access enterprise data-bases. It will give them a much cheaper and more flexible tool for interactive tabulations of their data by middle/senior management."

The triple-s group acknowledges the importance of this Quantum converter and recognises that it will give the triple-s interface standard a quantifiable leap in acceptance in mainland Europe and in the USA.

For more information:
Mark Katz +44(0) 20 8731 7516

Laurance Gerrard +44(0) 20 7923 6245
For info on triple-s visit