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Mark-IT is a specialised consultancy company offering a unique, broad base of expertise in a number of IT-related topics. This includes programming, design, hardware, comms, marketing, operations, customer-care, business intelligence and strategic/financial planning. Mark-IT is headed by Mark Katz who brings with him over 30 years of experience at all ends of the IT spectrum - and beyond. He is assisted by a team of experts who are assigned to projects as the need arises.
Current assignments include -

Internet development - automation

The web is driven by HTML pages. Many of these are tabular reports - e.g. statistical and sales, management reports - which are of a highly structured nature and need to be re-generated on a regular basis. Mark-IT has developed, and has access to, a large number of utilities for simplifying these tasks. See for a sample of this work - this was used to set up early prototypes of Intranet systems for BT (British Telecom) and Unilever.

Internet - conversion of non-web systems

The company understands well the philosophy of both the older-style legacy system as well as the concepts and tools for creating 'active' web-sites. With this knowledge, Mark-IT have designed and developed concepts and system to assist in the conversion of these older systems to be web-enabled. This experience covers more than just IT - it addresses issues of user- interface, reporting, support/help facilities, training.

Internet start-up

Mark-IT has helped a number of companies build active Internet trading sites for e-commerce applications. For further information from the business perspective, see and for information about the system for handling Trading Exchanges see

Consultancy for VC's and companies building web-applications

Increasingly, as companies build (or re-new) Internet systems, they need advice from expert and independent people to ensure that their 'consultants' are providing optimal solutions.

Mark-IT is active in this field, working initially at the pre-design stage to review IT plans within the wider perspective of marketing, funding, customer acceptance, performance, reporting and security etc.

At a later stage, Mark-IT can move into the role of providing direct help, to audit the actual work of the software developers (internal or external) and to guide senior management in the best path. With their in-depth knowledge of IT matters they are equally able to talk directly to the developers to get to the heart of the issue and organise change, if necessary.

This knowledge has also been used by Venture Capitalists who have been asked to fund new Internet based projects. Mark-IT can provide assurance that the design, robustness and business model of the proposed system is sound.

Data-reporting/statistical systems

Mark-IT has over 20 years in providing IT systems for data-analysis in the market research world. The main part of this experience relates to reporting systems that offer very swift implementation and true interactive interrogation/tabulation - especially from very large data bases.

The practical side of UNIX and its utilities

UNIX is viewed as a very powerful and generic base for running under many platforms - but it has another side to it. It has a wealth of concepts and utilities (shells, awk, sed, etc) which are used for file transfer and conversion. Mark-IT has been supporting, training users and building systems for over 20 years. Systems have been developed to pass data seamlessly between applications - no matter how complex the structure. One of Mark-IT' specialities is the way that they accept the challenge to improve speed and efficiency - often reducing run times by orders of magnitude when compared to conventional data-base system.


The wider team of Mark-IT also boasts of a very broad range of skills

  • IT for Market Research - all aspects of computing including interviewing, data-entry, design, analysis, statistics and support systems
  • Unix/Linux and its utilities - training, support, development, file/data-base conversions integration with non-UNIX systems
  • Comms - hardware, software and operation of networks, LAN's, WAN's, security and telephony integration.
  • Web publishing - tools for automating the preparation of html-based reports
  • Intranet - design, building and control of internal web-based information system
  • B2B and trading exchange - design and building of complex real-time Exchanges with price-list, auctions, back-office, call centres and fulfilment etc
  • Internet project development - testing, UAT, CRM, statistics, contingency planning, software development, integration with other systems and load testing