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Technical papers given/written by Mark Katz on

1. What's happening out there, M Katz & D Murray, ESOMAR, Berlin February 1983

2. On-line data-bases, M Katz, ESOMAR, Nice, November 1984

3. Interactive Access to on-line Survey data-bases, M Katz, SGCSA, London, June 1985

4. Interactive access to Survey Data-bases, M Katz & B Rowe, IASSIST, Los Angeles, May 1986

5. An on-line Data-base of a Government Sponsored Training Scheme, Steve Kelly & Duncan Gray, ESOMAR, Luxembourg, Feb 1987

6. Interactive Measurement of Sales Response, Roger Western & Mark Katz, ESOMAR, Dusseldorf, June 1987

7. Cross-tabs on-tap - A mixed Blessing, M Katz, ESOMAR, Copenhagen, November 1988

8. Offering interactive access to Survey Data, M Katz, Quantime User Group meeting, November 1991, Riva, Italy

9. Preparing Market Research data for electronic delivery, Quantime Users Group, May '92, London

10. Techniques for Secondary Analysis of survey data, Mark Katz, SGCSA, September 1992, Bristol, UK

11. Interactive Analysis of large hierarchical survey data-bases, M Katz, International Quantime User Group, April 1994, San Diego, USA

12. New developments in tools for the delivery of statistical data, M Katz, SCSGA, July 94, London

13. Use of Fetch files in Quantum, M Katz, Quantime Users Group Nov 1995

14. Electronic transfer and communication in the Survey Processing field, M Katz, ASC, Jan '96, London, UK

15. Distributing ONS Health Statistics reports electronically, M Katz, P Wake, ASC,
Sept '96, London, UK

16. 136,00 page Eurobarometer report on disk, M Katz/S Walravens, Aemri, Oct '96, Paris

17. Report/Data delivery on the web, M Katz, CMR, Dec '96, London

18. Technology - the real barriers to progress, MRS Research magazine, March 2000

19. Article in IFA Review - Developing B2B Exchange Website Februrary 2001

20. Interactive cross-tabs - what available out there, M Katz, ASC, Sept '01, London