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recent/current projects by Mark-IT

Market Research

Rajar - UK Radio Audience Measurement
Responsible for developing and managing the data-reporting systems for the above survey. Rajar provides the advertising and media world with up-to-date data on radio listenership.

Procter & Gamble - MR analysis systems
Key role in the global training/rollout of the survey reporting systems for brand and research managers to retrieve and analyse results from consumer research projects

New Car Buyers Survey
NCBS is the main source of information in the car industry about car-buying habits - based on survey from over 50,000 people each year. Mark-IT was involved in the conversion of the quarterly reports (comprising some 50 ft of paper reports) to CD and web-based distribution with the e-tabs software.

Farm (agro-chemical) stats
Worked with PSL on their Farmstat project containing information from a panel of farmers reporting on their crops, yield, herbicides and fertilisers for the agro-chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical Research
Worked with ISIS group to set up the JIGSAW interactive system using data from their European panel of doctors reporting on patients, treatments and prescriptions etc.

Royal Mail - consumer stats.
Set up an automated data editing, weighting and reporting system for their postal volume/traffic recording systems.

General IT Consultancy

ESOMAR - hardware and intranet
Esomar is the umbrella organisation of the European Market Research agencies. Assisted senior management in the reorganisation and expansion of hardware and communications to migrate to an Internet base for marketing admin and /news services.

UNIX training/support
Over the last year, have provided a broad range of UNIX support to clients. This covered - training, file-conversion utilities, ad-hoc support, prototyping and program run-time optimisation

Helping small business to expand
Mark-IT has provided generalised IT consultancy and helped a number of smaller companies to expand their hardware, communications and software base (to include e-commerce applications)

Internet-related Consultancy

Unilever - intranet
Mark-IT was involved in the early stage of Unilever's planning for a corporate Internet and Knowledge Base system, which brought together the needs of many user research departments. It included building prototypes.

Market Research Agencies - Intranet training
Mark-IT was called upon to provide Intranet briefings on new technology for the Market Research Society. These were a series of one-day briefings for senior management at the larger MR agencies.

Web-publishing software
Developed a very powerful suite of programs that convert multi-page electronic reports into web-pages for use with standard browsers on the Internet. The system works in both PC/windows and UNIX environments providing style sheets, table of contents, cross-reference index, links to Excel and URL-links etc - all under user control.

BT - intranet
Mark-IT was awarded a prestigious contract against competition to provide BT with an intranet system to house their MR survey reports. This provided a common interface for users no matter which agency provided the data.

Setting up smaller e-commerce systems
Mark-IT consultants are familiar with the many shop-front e-commerce system and have been involved in working with the smaller trading companies to set up their e-commerce sites. This has been achieved using off-the-shelf systems/services and bespoke systems, built within a framework of VB, ASP and SQL. In all cases, the consultancy from Mark-IT has focused on the business needs incorporating web-design, user interfaces, catalogue management and marketing to users.

Building a Trading Exchange system
Mark-IT was the prime mover in building a web-based real-time trading exchange for the TEP (Traded Endowment Policies) marketplace. A comprehensive system, which includes auctions, reverse auctions, price-lists/catalogues and rule-based pricing. Mark-IT was involved from the initial selection of suppliers, through system design/development into Load and User testing and into final roll-out and Call-Centre systems. See later and